12 Mar 2021 |

MultiSync Message Series Large Format Displays for Impactful Digital Signage by Sharp NEC Display Solutions

Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global leader in the display market, announced its new MultiSync® Message Series, which features displays from the ME, M and MA Series.

The new portfolio provides an ultra-high-definition and commercially focused display lineup optimized for digital signage applications while also containing modular expandability to allow the flexibility to give different customers the solutions they need to make an impact.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America

The leading global provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions and wholly-owned by Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd., Sharp NEC Display offers one of the broadest visual solutions portfolios in the industry.

Always ahead of the game, they have been innovators in LCD displays, lamp and laser projectors, dvLED, 8K and 5G technology, collaboration solutions, calibration tools, IoT and AI-driven analytics.

Sharp NEC Display is a trusted name and a total solutions provider with strong ties to industry partners and has a reputation for quality, reliability, and industry-leading customer support with a range of professional service offerings. Serving a wide variety of markets, the organization’s expertise spans retail, enterprise, education, entertainment, transportation, energy and utility, and more.

Setting New Industry Benchmarks

“The MultiSync Message Series sets a new standard in the industry for professional signage displays,” Ben Hardy, Senior Product Manager for Large Format Displays for Sharp NEC Display Solutions. “We reimagined our portfolio to align with the quickly changing needs of the market and our customers. This lineup introduces new and exciting features to our mainstream signage category that gives customers a valid step-up approach across the portfolio based on their pains and needs for their particular application. We made it a point to listen to customer feedback to design a lineup that solves their problems and these products are built to help maximize the visual impact and effectiveness of digital signage.”

ME Series

Introduced in December, the ME Series is the ideal large format display with all the features needed at a cost-conscious price point. By maintaining the expected high-end quality of NEC products, the ME series is a reliable mainstream digital signage display that can support both landscape and portrait orientations while also allowing individuals to customize their displays to fit their applications and needs through Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) or the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. The ME series furthermore contains full external control capabilities through both LAN and RS232C, allowing for full compatibility with NEC NaViSet Administrator 2 software as well as other third-party control systems.

M Series

The M Series steps up the benefits by including all features of the ME Series, but allowing for 24/7 runtime capabilities along with including a 500 cd/m2 anti-reflective, high haze panel and integrated ambient light sensor to optimize visual impact and clarity depending on different in-room lighting conditions. All M series products also include a full metal chassis, carrying handles and integrated cooling fans, allowing for easier installation, a more ruggedized feel and greater insurance of maintaining consistent image quality through extended applications.

These displays are available in 43, 49, 55 and 65-inch sizes and are ideal for hallway signage in a higher education facility, a welcome sign in a corporate office or for presentations in a corporate boardroom, among a variety of other applications.

MA Series

The MA Series takes professional display possibilities to new heights with Wide Color Gamut and anti-reflective panels combined with NEC’s proprietary SpectraView Engine. This colour management technology was originally developed for NEC’s colour-critical desktop monitors and allows for complete and professional colour control, while behind-the-scenes luminance stabilization technology ensures the display has a consistent image output for a longer period of time compared to traditional commercial displays. This allows for a unique level of colour precision and accuracy to be achieved for vivid and impactful messaging and a more impressive digital signage experience. The MA Series is available in 43, 49 and 55-inch displays.

A key feature of the MA Series is its robust connectivity selection and expanded daisy-chaining capabilities with 8K support. All MA Series displays have the ability to daisy chain the HDMI or DisplayPort signals and with DisplayPort, customers can have the choice between using Single-Stream Transport (SST) or Multi-Stream Transport (MST) via the DisplayPort 1.4 out connections. This feature is particularly attractive for industries such as quick-serve restaurants, where the MST functionality can be used to showcase up to four separate but simultaneous image streams, such as an entire menu board, from a single source. MA Series displays have full input detect functionality that allows the display to be programmed with failover possibilities should the primary source go down. They also include an integrated feature called Multi Picture Mode, which allows customers to show four simultaneous sources on one screen to maximize data efficiency and lower the proposed bill of materials that would otherwise call for expensive additional hardware.




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